Fermacampione. is a bi-monthly editorial project, on Forme Uniche official website. Each issue is dedicated to an artist or designer who is invited to share their archival materials. The contents are proposed in the form of scans and photocopies, to show the gaze and structural ideas of those who work designing. Fermacampione. pierces and holds together all the documents in a booklet: texts, images, objects, scanned and printed to create a database of ideas that can generate other ideas. This material should be collected and organized with care. It should be reproduced, copied, shared. It should be assembled like the pieces of an object, because overall ideas are what generate meanings. Fermacampione. is the joint that connects all those creators who choose to design ideas, believing that designing a chair, making a sculpture, or creating a dish all follow unexpected similar processes of making.

Fermacampione. also proposes special contents for each issue: a limited edition cover designed by each artist and a special fastener specifically designed for the project by Fermacampione.